VMS Student News

Back to School in 2020

By Isabella Jimenez

VMS Publications

August 19, 2020

During August 2020, Taina Ferarro went to a materials pickup at her new school, Vandenberg Middle School. According to Taina,  there were many people there. She stated that it was different- being around so many people -as she had been in quarantine for almost half a year. Zoom is unfamiliar to her, but she can’t wait to start learning. Even though she can’t do her classes in person, with her teachers in front of her, she’s excited for this school year. Taina was delighted when she saw all the interesting classes in one term. “It's going to be different. That’s for sure. Last spring, I didn’t have zoom classes, and it felt weird not being able to see anyone from school, or hear their voices. I can’t wait to have a great school year.”

Zoom learning is new to everyone, but most of us had a bit of practice last spring. Taina Ferarro, who wasn’t even in this school district last year, had no zoom classes. Her teachers would just give their students assignments on Google Classroom. Taina says that a challenge for her, and everyone, will be the Zoom classes. She’s thrilled that she can at least see her teachers and fellow students this year. “I'm most excited about meeting new people and doing new things. It’ll be a struggle, but everything will work out fine.”


Review on Disney's Live Action ‘Mulan’

Julia Xiong

VMS Publications

September 9, 2020

If you keep up with your Disney princesses you should know of this Disney princess: her name is Mulan. Mulan is about a young woman whose father is in a poor condition to fight, so Mulan must go undercover as a man and take her father’s role on the battlefield. This movie is really different to the original animated Mulan because they missed out on many of the original elements. The biggest thing I didn’t like about this movie is that they don’t have Mushu. Mushu is an important role in the original movie and deserves a role in the live action film. On the other hand, one thing I did like was how they added a new character who is witch. I liked how both the witch and Mulan had a connection even though the witch was on the bad team, they both faced the same struggles, they were both outsiders and were never accepted.

The main characters who played in the live action Mulan are Liu Yifei who plays as Mulan, Donnie Yen who plays as the commander, Jet Li who plays as the emperor, Gong Li who plays as the witch, Jason Scott Lee who plays as Bori Kahn (the enemy), and Yoson An who plays as Chen Honghui (the love interest). Overall this live action film was really different from the original but it was somewhat decent and had a good meaning to it.

Cobra Kai T.V. Review: Strike First. Strike Hard.

Roman Richmond

VMS Publications

September 9, 2020

Netflix just released a new show last week. It isn't a Netflix original but in fact it's a Youtube original. Who knew a show on Youtube could be so good? The greatest thing about the show is that it's a spinoff from the Karate Kid movies, and it's called Cobra Kai.

I started watching this show the day it came out, and I was shocked by how good it is. Ralph Maccio (Daniel LaRusso) and William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) did an amazing job once again playing their parts as the teachers instead of the students this time. It made a nice change to the story. I thought it was really cool how the director Katrin L. Goodson Bob Wilson included that Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence have kids (Mary Mouser and Tanner Buchanan), but instead of fighting against each other they end up working together to take Cobra Kai down. I really liked the fact that they had the same cars from "The Karate Kid," and that they also included the same actors for Johnny And Daniel. But there was one major thing I disliked about Cobra Kai. It was John Kreese coming back (Martin Kove). I believe there could be some minor improvements to the show, but so far the show is amazing. Good job Youtube/Netflix!

Come From Away-An Incredible True Story

Jeffrey Dotzler

VMS Publications

September 14, 2020

The musical "Come From Away" is about 31  flights that were redirected due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Over 7,000 passengers along with their crews are stranded in Newfoundland, Canada. The musical shows how they come together in the confusion after 9/11.

At 9:26 am on September 11th, the FFA shut down the airspace, making 4,000 planes land at the closest airport. At noon Gander airport is told 18 planes are going to have to land at the airport. The original 18 planes ended up as 31 planes! It took 5 hours for the passengers on the plane to be released. Overall it took 5 days for all 31 planes to diverge from the airport.

The setting of this story is in the town of Gander in Newfoundland, Canada. Most of the passengers from the planes which landed there stayed for the 5 days it took for them to leave.

The “Come From Away” cast and crew has toured all around North America and has even gone to Newfoundland.  In addition to performing there, they also met the people and the saw the places that inspired the musical.

You can learn more about this inspiring story by visiting their website:  https://comefromaway.com/