School Mission Statement

The Vandenberg Middle School community will provide a safe and respectful learning environment which inspires excellence and challenges all students to develop their talents as life-long learners and responsible citizens in preparation for college and career readiness.

Vandenberg Middle School (VMS) is excited about the educational possibilities for its students. Every staff member embraces a philosophy of academic rigor and works to ensure each student has the foundational skills to be successful in middle school through college preparatory coursework in high school. An individualized approach recognizes students for where they are in terms of English-language arts and math proficiency and also provides the necessary framework to facilitate student growth in these important academic arenas. VMS is equally committed to the idea of high expectations for all—not just English learners, gifted or low socioeconomic students, but every student that we serve. 
VMS believes building responsible adolescent behavior is about developing the skills and habits necessary to achieve a rewarding adult life. It starts with the school and the family working together to provide enriching experiences that encourage responsibility and good choices. Ultimately, the challenge for VMS educators is to meet the needs of a diverse student population. It is important to find the balance of resources so time and energy to meet the needs of honors students, college preparatory students, and students who are not yet proficient in English or math are equally considered. It is the vision of VMS to make certain that all students demonstrate literacy competencies and leave this institution prepared to be successful in high school and college. Finally, the hope that VMS students will thrive and be productive members of society is the common goal for all involved in the education of the community’s children.